Sound of Silence

Ghostly Encounters, and...Nightingales??

With the party finally all back together, it was decided that they would all go to the groom’s house and see about gaining entry. Asari suggested that Kire use his influence as the bard performing at the wedding. The group would all go, posing as servants sent from Rose to her groom. The pretense would be to help the groom prepare for the big day, as Rose is very particular and wanted everything to be perfect. Kire would be overseeing these servants as Rose’s personal envoy.

Kire agreed. Asari acted as bodyguard, Ceridwen posed as a foreign seamstress, Kalas and Haruna acted as regular servants. (Somehow we picked up David’s dr00d, but I can’t remember that part). The group arrived at the house, and attempted to gain entry. The ruse did not work, but Kire was able to get the butler to agree to let the group into the house. Kire explained that the General knew the fiance was missing, and had tasked our group to find him, no matter what. Upon entering the house, the butler mentioned that some servants had gone missing in the upstairs part of the house, and that the master of the house had also gone missing in the upstairs. The butler mentioned that things got ‘weird’ in the house around midnight. As it was currently around 11pm, the group decided to explore the upstairs to see if they could solve the riddle of the mystery house. When they arrived upstairs, there was a definite unsettling feeling, and the butler ‘disappeared’. However, when someone went partway back down the stairs, he appeared again. Kalas set up a light-spell that had to be refreshed every so often. The group decided to stay together, and went to the left at the top of the stairs.

Ceridwen and some of the others started having strange things happen to them. Ceridwen would see things, and the others might hear things that the others did not. The group took it slowly, and at the first turn in the hallway, decided to not split up very far. Upon arriving at the first door on the right, the group checked for traps, and with someone watching up the hallway, and someone staying at the corner, the door was opened. This room that was revealed looked like it had gone through a horrendous fire. It looked like a child’s room, yet everything was burned. They verified that nothing of interest was in the room, closed the door, and headed to the next. The second door was…very strange to Asari’s eyes. The door looked like flesh. It was poked with a sword and even started to bleed. All in all, it was very unusual. When the door was opened, it acted like flesh sliding across flesh, there was much resistance. When the door fully opened, the room was exactly the same as the previous room, just made out of flesh. A quick scan revealed nothing, and the group shut the door quickly.

After a quick conference, the group decided to return to the top of the stairs and go down the other hallway. They tied a rope to a banister railing about halfway down the stairs. The butler ‘reappeared’ and asked why they were taking so long. The butler stated that it was only 20 minutes until midnight, though the group did not feel time pass the same way. Due to Kalas’ spells, the group had a good idea of the time left to them. They proceeded down the hallway, Asari holding onto the main part of the rope, and everyone else keeping it in their hand as they walked. Ceridwen used her sword to cut a line in the carpet, following their trail. Upon reaching the first door, things started to get really weird. The first door opened into a hallway. When they closed and reopened the door, the other side had changed, and it now looked into a room. That room was the same room as on the other side of the house. One of the party had an idea to draw a shape on the other side of the door each time the room changed. During all of this, Asari, who was holding the rope, felt it move. She mentioned this to the group, and Asari followed the rope back to its end. Instead of being tied to the banister, it was now tied to a doorknob of a door that had not been in their path before.

After playing with the door some more, somehow, the group managed to find a hallway that led to a door that was obviously to the master’s chambers. The door itself was more detailed, and the decorations in the hallway showed that this is where the master of the house would sleep. The group carefully checked for traps, then opened the door. On the other side of the room was a very strange scene indeed. The master of the house, his voice raw from screaming, was seen inside what appeared to be a large birdcage. He had obviously been in there for some time, as his clothes were hanging on him, and his face was wild with fear. In front of the cage was a female ghost, she was ranting and raving and generally acting crazy. Around the room were perched Nightingales. They were all along the bed frame, on every shelf around the room, and they were just watching the ghost and the man. The ghost saw the group, and zoomed to the door. She continued to rant and rave about not being able to find something. She kept saying, “Where is she? Do you know where she is? I can’t find her!” Each repetition made her more and more angry. Somehow, without communicating with each other, the group realized that this was the ghost of the woman who had committed suicide after her baby disappeared. She was looking for her baby, even in death. Ceridwen remembered the image of the baby from the locket. She got the ghost’s attention, and offered her the picture. After a moment of shock, the ghost faded out, keeping the image. The nightingales disappeared, and the man was freed from the cage.

The group explained what had happened to the man and bundled him downstairs. The overjoyed butler sent a message to General Oppenheimer. The General sent a carriage to collect the party and the groom, so he could hear the story for himself and reassure himself that the fiance was okay. Upon arriving back at General Oppenheimer’s, the party was thanked, and Ceridwen secured the carriage for a ride back to the inn. The reunion of Rose and her fiance was heartwarming, yet terrifying, as Rose’s face is…well, yeah. The party returned to the inn with an invitation from the General himself to return the next day for the wedding.



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