Sound of Silence

Grave Robbing...or is it Archaeology?!

The group heads out that morning to the dig site and meets the foreman, Griff. He is a tough dwarf who has obvious, to Asari, fighting experience. She immediately respects him, both as the head of the dig, and as a swordsman of note. He agrees to allow the group down into the dig, and accompanies them to the first area excavated.

They start moving rocks aside, and locate a door. The key to this door had also been found, and was used to open it so that the party could enter. They found they were in a large hallway, with a few cross-hallways. They turned down one of these hallways, and found another door that needed a key similar to the first door. They used that key to open the door, and found what appeared to be a tomb of sorts. Ceridwen and Asari were very uncomfortable about opening the sarcophagi that were laid within the room, and were investigating the room itself. The sarcophagi were ‘decorated’ with what was recognized as the Rune of Punishment. Kalas and Kire decided to open one of the tombs. This action awoke a skeleton that the girls refused to fight, mostly because they felt it was disrespectful of the dead. The eyes on the skeleton glowed a strange blue, and it took some effort for the boys to kill it off.

The next couple of rooms were similar, and appeared to be full of now awakened living skeletons. The skeletons in the second room were even creepier, as their heads would separate from their bodies and keep on fighting. After closing up the second room, the girls managed to convince the rest of the group to avoid these rooms, and kept going. This was mostly because Asari and Ceridwen did not feel comfortable committing such a seeming act of sacrilege. They then discovered the embalming room. they found a few valuables in here: scrolls and crumbling books detailing the embalming process and the ritualistic severing of heads, an ornate dagger, and the ceremonial axe used to remove the heads from the bodies. It was during this time that Asari went back up to the main dig to see if Griff would supply her with a handy haversack to bring artifacts back in, he did. The group salvaged as much as they could, storing it in the sack to preserve it for future research and study.

The final room in this tomb again had a strange door. The keyhole for this door was roughly the size of Ceridwen. As with all the other doors that we did not have keys for, Ceridwen managed to pick the lock. Once the group got the door opened, they saw a very different sight from the other rooms. This room appeared almost like an audience chamber. The floor was recessed, and, upon stepping into it, you could see 7 seated figures. The middle figure seemed to be more important, and in better condition than the others. At a certain distance, members of the party heard a voice in their heads. This voice explained who the man in the chair was, and the story of the Runes of the world. It told of how the magic people know of springs from the Runes, and …(get more from Derek)



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