Sound of Silence

Orcs and Goblins and Demons! Oh My!!

Upon leaving the ruins, the party stopped and rested with Griff. They discussed what they had seen with him, and left him the things they had uncovered in the ruins. They did not discuss the Rune of Punishment that they had recovered from the ruins, however. (at least, I don’t think we did…)

The party set back out to the village, wanting to get everything wrapped up to go back to Gregminster and get the bounty settled. Kalas wanted to get information about his father from Gayfer McGayferson. As they were riding up the road, the party was ambushed by a group of orcs. Asari was brought to near death in short order, as was Kalas. Kire was captured, and Ceridwen’s horse ran off with her, as she was asleep at the reins. The orcs proceeded to take Asari, Kalas, and Kire to their campsite where they could then decide what to do with these three tasty morsels. The orcs fell asleep, determined to deal with their captives come morning. Kalas awoke and managed to cut his bonds despite his injuries. He revived Kire, and Kire healed Asari. Asari looked at the sleeping orcs and very deliberately coup de graced each and every one of them. Once Ceridwen awoke, she realized the party was missing, and came looking for them. She tracked the horses to a cave, and came across an orc who was watching the group recover and planned to ambush them. Ceridwen killed the orc instead, and the party managed to escape the cave. They rested a bit to get their HP back up, and then continued back on their way, short at least one horse.

As the party rides towards the village, on the horizon, they see a glow, as if the village is on fire. They start to hurry, knowing that there is trouble ahead. Suddenly, the party is waylaid by a group of goblins. Kalas, unbeknownst to the group, can understand them, and hears mention of a Master. Kalas translated for those who couldn’t understand, “Pay homage to our Master, Jub Jub the Conquerer, or become our tasty snacks!” The goblins then attack the group. Ceridwen and Asari manage to run down a pair of goblins on horseback, slashing and laughing gleefully. They start chasing the others into the village, and find that they are in deep trouble. Goblins are terrorizing the town, burning things and killing villagers. Just as they are about to bite off more than they can chew, a phalanx of Gregminster cavalry seems to appear. Asari sees them for the illusion they are, but Kalas and the goblins do not. Asari spots a young girl hiding under some stairs, and the group meets Haruna Kitsune, a young troublemaker/illusionist that agrees to join with them.

The party makes their way to the building where the sheriff and his deputy are holed up. They manage to break free, and they all run for Granny’s inn, as they realize that this is where the center of the trouble appears to be. When they arrive at the inn, Haruna again takes cover near a porch, under some stairs. The group looks ahead of them in awe. The plants around Granny’s inn have seemingly sprung to life. They are killing goblins left and right. The sheriff and his deputy sprint to assist in the defense of the inn. The party looks, and sees one goblin who is larger than the others and glowing. He appears to be directing the fight. He sees the group and grins evilly. Asari and Kalas rush to attack him, only to find that they cannot make contact. Haruna is able to strike him with magic, but overall does not do much in the way of damage. The goblin, on the other hand, does not have any difficulty hitting them. He makes short work of Asari and Kalas, yet leaves Asari standing. Suddenly, he breaks away from the group and disappears. From within the inn comes a terrible scream. The goblin reappears, yells something (I think), and then disappears. The goblins all run away, and the town is quiet.

The party hurries into the inn to determine the source of the scream, and stumbles upon a horrifying scene. In the middle of the room is a corpse. What makes it horrifying, is that the corpse is not whole. All that remains of the body is part of her torso, her left arm, and her head. Upon looking at the body, it appears as if the woman was bitten in two. Granny is kneeling by the body, grief-stricken.



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