Sound of Silence

Return to Gregminster

As we returned to our party, they were hanging out in Granny’s inn waiting on Granny to come out of the back room where she mourned the loss of her friend. Kire played some music as a tribute to the loss of… As Granny did not come out, Asari and Ceridwen stepped into the room. There, they found Granny cooking, yet there was something ‘off’ about Granny. The ‘oatmeal’ Granny was making was more like cement, and Granny was trying to lure a kitty into her clutches to add to the pot. Asari and Ceri talked Granny around, and helped bring her a bit more towards ‘normal’, for Granny. They mentioned the rune on the dead friend, but were unable to secure Granny’s permission to acquire it. They did not push too hard, and the party left the village shortly thereafter.

After an uneventful trip back to Gregminster, the party split up to run various errands.

Asari and Ceridwen headed towards the Archaeologist’s Guild to see about getting the Bounty that had been placed on Kalas. As they approached the door, they noticed that Gayfer McGayferson had some company, and was discussing something with them rather animatedly. They eavesdropped as best they could, and found that Gregminster’s Archmage had been supplying money to the Archaeologist’s guild and was wondering why that money hadn’t been producing results that the Archmage was looking for. After a curt conversation, the party realized that the Archmage was leaving and moved away from the door as to not appear that they had been listening in. As the Archmage left, he patted Asari’s shoulder, as if acknowledging that he knew they had overheard. The two women returned to the Guild House and entered. Asari let Ceridwen take the lead on the conversation, but they were unable to get anywhere with Gayfer McGayferson, and soon, they left in frustration. At this point, Asari and Ceridwen decided to head to a dressmaker’s shop to get their finery ready for the wedding taking place the next day. On the way, they stopped at a stables and negotiated a deal for replacing the horse(s) that had been lost on the initial trip to the village. The trip to the dressmaker was uneventful, and both Asari and Ceridwen were able to obtain the finery that they needed. As they were heading back to the inn, they came across an urchin who had been sent out to locate them.

During this same time, Kalas and Haruna had gone into the shadier part of town in an effort to earn some gold for purposes of helping the party aquire some wands of healing, and other useful items.

Kire went to the General Oppenheimer’s house and learned that his daughter’s fiance had disappeared. Kire was recruited by the General to locate and recover the groom, if at all possible. Kire visited the groom’s mansion and spoke with the butler who was not very helpful, and gave Kire reason to believe that all was not right here. Kire returned to the inn to discuss this complication with the party. Kire sent out the urchin to locate the girls and bring them back to the inn.

Upon meeting back at the inn, it was discussed that Ceridwen and Kire would head back to Milich’s home to speak with his daughter to see what she could tell them about her fiance. Kalas, Asari, and Haruna decided to head back to the Archaeologist’s Guild to see if they could get the bounty out of Gayfer McGayferson.

Before entering the Guild House, Kalas covered his face with an illusion so that Gayfer McGayferson would not recognize him. Haruna changed her looks so as to become more appealing to Gayfer McGayferson. Haruna also, at some point, took the book and made it look like it still had all the Sindari writing on the pages. This was done in an effort to help the party get what they wanted out of the revolting man. As they entered, Asari opened the dialog by apologizing for Ceridwen’s earlier behavior and mentioned that they had succeeded in finding the book that the man was looking for. This got his attention, and they were invited into a back room for further discussion. Haruna’s disguise definitely attracted Gayfer McGayferson’s attention, and distracted him from fully paying attention to the rest of the group. Asari explained how the group went about locating the book. She deflected questions about Kalas, stating that the bounty only mentioned that the book was requested. Asari showed the book to Gayfer, and he started asking about magic and magical protections that should have been on the book. Asari told him that she was going on what Ceridwen had told her about it, and that there may be ‘some’ kind of magic on the book. She had Gayfer look it over and then requested the bounty. Gayfer said that he would only give half, as the book was not in the condition he wanted it to be in. Asari argued, and stated that the bounty did not mention anything about magic on the book, it just mentioned that he wanted this particular book, and the party, in good faith, found it and brought it back to them. Gayfer said that he would think about it and provided the half-bounty. Asari, despite Kalus’ request, was unable to probe Gayfer for information regarding his father. The group left the Guild House and headed back to the inn.

Kire and Ceridwen went to Milich Oppenheimer’s mansion to see if they could meet with Rose to learn more about her fiance and his habits. Rose agreed to meet with them, and they were brought to a sitting room. When Rose entered, they truly began to understand why the General was so interested in seeing her married off. Her face…well, let’s just say she’s lucky she even has a groom. As they talked to Rose, they discovered how sheltered and child-like she truly was. The information that Rose gave them painted a picture of a man who would not just up and leave Rose at the altar. The man liked to hunt, and has a thing for foxes, but according to Rose’s version of him, was madly in love with her. Rose then showed the pair a locket that her fiance had given her just a few nights ago. Ceridwen asked to see it, and Rose agreed. Upon opening the locket, Ceridwen discovered a picture of an infant girl. This picture reminded Kire of the story that he had heard regarding a mother who had lost her infant daughter and gone on to commit suicide. Rose then mentioned that her fiance was scared of ghosts, and that something might be going on inside his house. The pair returned the locket to Rose, but asked to keep the picture. Rose agreed, and Ceridwen put it in safe-keeping. They then left and went back to the inn to discuss further plans.



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