Sound of Silence

Day the First: Adventures Galore!

We all started in Gregminster looking for work. Ceridwen and Asari both saw some posters for a bounty offered by the Archaeology Guild. They both headed in that direction. Ceridwen arrived first, and started speaking with Tywin, head of the guild. Tywin, with much asshattery, provided Ceridwen with the information that was needed to go after the bounty. Ceridwen and Asari both left the guild house, and ended up in a tavern. They started drinking, then bought each other drinks, and decided to ride after the bounty together. They got a bit tipsy, and interrupted the bard, Kire, in the middle of a flirting session with another patron. They asked him if he wanted to go on and adventure to sing about, and after assuring him that he would be back in Gregminster in seven days so that he could attend a prior engagement. Apparently, he is supposed to play/sing at the wedding of a wealthy patron back in town. Ceridwen and Asari rented 3 horses from the stables in Gregminster, and set off to the village of … During this ride, it was discovered that Kire does not care for horses.

After an uneventful ride, they arrive in the village, Ceridwen and Asari note that the village board does not have a bounty poster on it, and find this strange. They proceed to go to the local sheriff’s office, while Kire heads to the village’s tavern. The girls interview the sheriff, Mitch, and his deputy, Clem, informing them of the missing bounty posters. Mitch thought this was strange, because the guy had just come through to post them. Mitch was a huge pervert, who did not seem to be taking the situation as seriously a the girls thought he should. Clem, however seemed to be aware of the situation, and had a good head on his shoulders. From there, the girls headed to the tavern to inquire about stabling the horses and staying the night.

Upon arriving at the inn/tavern, the girls meet Granny. She seems a bit…odd, but rents the girls a bed and a place to stable the three horses. They go to eat dinner, and find that the enitre town seems to have decided to eat dinner in the inn. The place is packed, and heavenly smells are coming from a large pot on the fire. The girls learn that this is ‘Stroganoff Night’ and, apparently, nobody skips attending this dinner. The girls scan the bar, looking for anyone that matches the description on their bounty poster. The problem is, most of the male patrons are wearing hats/hoods. The girls manage to convince all but one man to remove their hats. This man is sitting at the bar, with his back to everyone. Ceridwen and Asari moved to the bar and stood just behind and to each side of the hooded man. They manage to get his hood off, revealing the man to the entire bar. One of the patrons recognizes the man as the wanted man in the bounty. He convinces two of his friends to help him capture Kalas, as their only competition is a couple of women. They felt they could easily take on the girls and the guy with the ‘weird skin problem.’ The group approaches the bar, two of the men wielding clubs, the third…a radish. Their plans are thwarted, however, when the group at the bar manages to intimidate them into backing down, with one of the men getting knocked unconscious by the pommel of Asari’s wakisashi. There was a very tense moment, where it seemed that the mob would turn dangerous. A few words of reconciliation, an offer from the girls for drinks for everyone, and some assistance from Kire was all it took to restore good will. Afterwards, we restored their hospitality with us, and were able to take Kalas into the common sleeping room. We tied him to a bed, and took turns watching him for any attempt to escape. He tried to cut the rope holding him. but we were able to prevent him from escaping.

The next day, we were able to get Kalas’ story from him. According to him, the book belongs to his father, who happens to be missing. He opened the book to see what it contained, and somehow, the contents of the book ended up inscribed on his skin. The script glows a faint blue, and covers him from head to toe. The book itself is now blank. Upon hearing his story, the girls weighed his motives and found him trustworthy. They have decided to drop the bounty and take up with him to determine how to remove the text from his skin and see if it can be put back in the book

The text just happens to match a very ancient script that no one living today can read. Interestingly, it also is found in several ruins around the world. Kalas has been going to the dig site near this village to see if he can learn it.



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